Home Phones

Save £££s on your home phone with a package deal...

Loads of landline providers offer home phones as part of a package with broadband and TV, and you could find you are paying a lot less for each if you buy a bundle package.

Some leading bundle providers include Virgin Media, Sky and Vonage.

Virgin's TV, bundle packages include:
  • Double deals - home phone and broadband, broadband and TV or TV and home phone
  • Triple deals - home phone, broadband and TV
  • All 4 services - home phone, broadband, TV and mobile phone!
With Sky's TV, home phone and broadband package you get:

  • Pick your TV 'Entertainment Packs' and choose a Sky box - choose from movies, sports and more
  • Add your choice of Sky Broadband - from 2MB to 16 MB
  • Add Sky Talk - home phones deals include unlimited UK landline calls

Vonage's home phone package offers:

  • Unlimited UK and international calls for a fixed low monthly price
  • Use the internet to make calls, even when you computer is not switched on
  • Low cost calls to countries outside your chosen package
To get a home phone package click on the links below: