HSBC Business Current Accounts

Compare HSBC Banking Current Account Deals

HSBC business current accounts offer a tailored service that is designed to meet the needs of smaller organisations that require flexibility. Their small business current account is intended for businesses with an annual turnover of under 1 million. As part of their service, HSBC can provide customers with the following benefits as part of their business current account deal:  

  • 18 months free banking with simple procedures for switching over to HSBC
  • Branch, telephone and online banking for flexibility with advice from an in-branch business specialist
  • Useful free support and advice from HSBC online knowledge centre

When searching for a suitable provider, it is important to find a bank that will offer you a service that can be tailored to meet with the individual needs of your business. Customers are therefore encouraged to research and compare business current accounts from several different providers. For more information on similar business current accounts, see the comparisons table below:

Compare Business Current Account Deals
 AccountInterest (AER)Account ChargeCheque ChargeDebit CardFeaturesApply
n/a0.5% of cheque valueyesNo credit checks, pay in at Barclays branches and at the Post Office , pay bills using Faster Payments from your smart-phone, UK call centre.Call Now >

With an HSBC business current account, customers can also expect access to a range of other useful facilities. These benefits include card processing, business loans, insurance, overdrafts, a business savings account and also a business credit card. With these features, HSBC business current accounts may be highly useful for customers who are searching for a flexible banking solution.


When comparing business current account deals from other providers, customers should also take care to consider any hidden drawbacks of selecting an account with a particular provider. The following are some examples of common disadvantages of certain business current accounts:


  • Some providers may include very attractive introductory offers as part of their service, however it is important to consider any changes that may be made to the account policy when these offers end
  • In other cases, customers may be charged for making withdrawals or carrying out certain transactions
  • Some banks may also charge customers for using their online banking services


A business current account should ideally provide customers with a number of tools and benefits that may help them to manage the cash-flow of their business as easily as possible. It is therefore important to conduct research using business current account comparisons before any final decisions are made.