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What to look for when buying landlord insurance?

Whether you have a large rental property or have just bought your first buy to let, it is important to find the best landlord insurance policy for your specific needs.

There’s a diverse range of products in the landlord insurance market, so shopping around may really pay off.

Many policies offer a lot of optional extras, so it’s important to consider what level of coverage you would feel comfortable with.

Features of different landlord’s insurance policies may include:

Landlords Building Insurance

This is the most basic level of landlord insurance available and only covers the building structure and rebuilding cost.

Landlord Content insurance

If you rent out a property as furnished, this insurance will cover the property’s contents, such as white goods, carpets and sofas.

Landlord Liability Insurance

Liability insurance can help cover your legal costs if a tenant of yours decides to go into litigation with you in a personal injury claim.

Loss of Rent cover

In the event of an accident happening which means your property cannot be rented out for a period of time, this cover may be able to protect you from the loss of rent incurred.

Landlord Emergency cover

This will cover the cost of emergency repairs following incidents that need immediate attention, like a burst pipe or break-in. This type of insurance can help you get a qualified tradesperson to the property in an incident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When it comes to landlord’s insurance, you want to try and make sure your policy covers all of the things you want it to. Using our quote comparison service to compare what is on offer from HSBC with alternative plans from different providers.

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