Income Protection For Contractors

Protect your income from injury or disability

As a contractor, an income protection insurance policy could prove to be a vital financial lifeline to you should you become unable to work due to illness, accident or unemployment.

Income protection insurance is designed to provide you with a substitute income in the event that you were unable to work through sickness or injury, helping to keep up with your mortgage repayments and household bills as well as other personal expenses.

An income protection insurance policy would usually be available to a contractor as long as you satisfy the following requirements:

If you are looking for Unemployment Insurance and are a contract worker please note that different insurers will have different definitions for what is a contract worker so you should read the policy wording carefully to ensure you are properly covered. Normally the insurance company underwriters will require contracts to be of a minimum set length and unemployment will not be covered beyond the date the contract would have otherwise expired naturally and non renewal of a fixed term contract will not be covered unless specific conditions of the policy are met.

If you are a contractor interested in finding a quote for affordable short term income protection insurance, please enter your details below:


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It may prove to be fairly difficult to find an insurance provider that will offer income protection to a contractor that will include cover for unemployment.  Every insurance provider varies in their cover for unemployment of contract workers; most will not pay out on the expiry of fixed term contracts, and you are generally expected to be employed by the same company for 24 consecutive months before you entitled to cover.

Before deciding on which insurance quote for income protection is best for you as a contractor, it could be a good idea to make yourself aware of what each policy would cover you for.


Long Term Income Protection

Income protection insurance quotes for contractors are also available on a more long-term basis, meaning that you could be covered for a much longer period of illness.  See below for quotes and advice:

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Case Study
Mr Johnson, 41, is an IT contractor from Birmingham.  After being employed in the same office for two and a half years, his contract was not renewed.  This meant that he was without income in the two months that it took him to find another job.

Unfortunately, Mr Johnson did not have income protection insurance and therefore had to rely on his credit card to survive during the two months in which he was unemployed, for which he will now have to pay back with interest.
Mr Johnson has now purchased an income protection insurance policy so that, if the same situation occurs again, he will be covered and will receive tax-free payments to help with his bills.