Income Protection for Teachers

Protect your income

As a teacher you will be entitled to receive some sick pay from your employer - how much income will depend on your length of service at the time you go sick. Generally speaking the less time you have been a teacher the less you will get.


In a survey conducted by the Department of Works and Pensions in 2009 it was calculated that 2.6 million people were off from work due to sickness or disability of which 1.9 million had been off for more than 2 years. While an employer may provide cover up to 12 months typically for longer periods you will be reliant on State benefits unless you have a private income protection plan. As a teacher the loss of earnings due to illness, an accident or through redundancy could prove to be a financial headache for you and your family. 


Some income protection providers offer plans that take into account variations in teachers’ sick pay arrangements which can vary depending on length of service.


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Case Study

Mrs Powell, 38, is a primary school teacher in the outskirts of Bristol.  Two years ago, she found out that she had a cancerous brain tumour and was therefore unable to work whilst receiving extensive medical treatments.  With three young daughters, it would have been tough to keep the family’s finances afloat without her wages to support them.

With the help of Mrs Powell’s income protection insurance, she was able to continue paying her household bills after her employer’s sick pay ran out, meaning that all she had to worry about at this hugely stressful time was getting better.

Fortunately, the cancer treatments were successful due to finding the tumour at a relatively early stage, and Mrs Powell is now back in the classroom.