Biba Says Car Insurance Is ‘paramount’

Written by Editorial Team
04 September 2007 / by None

It is essential that motorists going on driving holidays look carefully at their car insurance policy to ensure they are fully covered for damage of loss of their vehicle while abroad.

This is the advice of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba), which says people tend to pay more attention to things like caravan insurance and neglect the insurance covering their car.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “Normally, when a caravan in hitched up to a private car, the liability risk is covered as part of the motor insurance.”

As long as the car insurance has European cover, then that will be provided, according to the spokesperson.

The Biba representative advised consumers to check their car insurance to ascertain their cover abroad.

According to insurance provider Churchill, the average cost of repairing a vehicle in popular tourist destinations such as Italy, Spain and Scandinavia is around £1,200.

This could add significantly to the overall cost of a holiday if drivers do not have adequate car insurance cover in place before they leave home.

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