Bizarre Car Insurance Claims Raining Apples Wrecked My Car

21 January 2008 / by Rachel Mason

Car insurance claims are being made every day, and more often than not they are for everyday bumps and bangs, but the AA has revealed that sometimes they are all the more unusual.

After studying more than 180,000 car insurance claims received in 2007, AA Insurance has revealed some of the more bizarre claims made by its customers. One man was taken by surprise when he experienced a rather unusual downpour – a forklift truck lost its load and it was raining apples on his car, while Mrs P didn’t know what had hit her when a delivery lorry lost all the shopping trolleys it was transporting and sent them hurtling towards her bonnet.

And Mrs R was shocked to find a bull on the top of her car. The confused animal has crashed through a fence and landed on her car, making a huge dent in the bonnet – the car was left in an awful state, but luckily Mrs R and the bull were fine.

Another AA customer got a more thorough clean than he had bargained for when during a car wash, one of the brushes got stuck; he opened the door of his car to press the emergency button and the machine jammed, writing off both the car and the carwash and soaking him in the process.

And one unfortunate motorist just couldn’t hold back a sneeze – unfortunately it resulted in him crashing into a church wall.

“We’re used to seeing the countless conventional claims for car damage but it’s always interesting to hear the more bizarre claims people make,” said Janet Pell, head of AA car insurance.

“It just goes to show, you need to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities, however far-fetched they might seem,” she said.

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