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Written by Editorial Team
22 March 2007 / by None

Motorways are six times safer for British drivers than small roads close to home when it comes to accident frequency, has found.

Almost a third of motorists have crashed their car near to where they live, the advice site claims.

Meanwhile, minor single-track roads or lanes are the second most risky region for driving, with 25 per cent of drivers having been involved in collisions there.

Slightly larger roads are almost as dangerous, with 23 per cent of people admitting to colliding on A-roads and dual carriageways.

But only five per cent of motorists have crashed on a motorway claims, making them only a third as risky as car parks, where one in seven motorists have encountered an incident.

The figures suggest that “motorists become complacent when navigating familiar routes, often leading to costly prangs and resulting insurance claims”, commented moneysupermarket’s managing director of insurance, Richard Mason.

But road safety groups urge drivers to recall that a motorway crash at high speed will do infinitely more damage to driver, car, and passengers than a bump in a car park.

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