Insurance News Caring Professions Most Likely To Claim On Car Insurance

Written by Editorial Team
26 September 2007

According to, three of the four professions with the highest car crash rates were from the caring professions.

Its survey revealed that lifeguards, doctors and surgeons admitted having caused the most car accidents, with 13.79%, 12.96% and 12.76%, respectively. At the lower end of the scale, gravediggers were responsible for just 3.83% of crashes.

Similar results were found among animal-related professions. Veterinary surgeons admitted causing 11.82% of car accidents, while taxidermists had the lowest figure, 4.53%. suggests that this type of research could lead to a change in the criteria on which insurance policies are based.

Director of insurance, Richard Mason, added: “Our research shows the insurance industry needs to revisit the premiums it charges.”

“If there is any logic to it, astrologers, watchmakers and chimney sweeps should be paying a lot less than systems analysts, insurance inspectors and statisticians,” he added.

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