Direct Line Offers Advice On Lowering Car Insurance Premiums

13 September 2007 / by None

Young drivers can take a variety of steps to help reduce their car insurance premiums, according to Direct Line.

A spokesperson for the firm said that buying a car with a smaller engine and keeping mileage down can lower the cost of cover.

Additionally, younger drivers can also take the Pass Plus scheme to further reduce their insurance premiums, she suggested.

“It is a government run initiative and it is six one-hour sessions and it costs around £100 to take and you can do this and get up to 35 per cent off,” she remarked.

The average premium for a young male driver now stands at £2,000, so taking the scheme could offer significant savings, she added.

The Pass Plus scheme, which was designed by the Driving Standards Agency, includes modules covering driving in towns, in all weathers, on rural roads and at night.

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Written by Editorial Team