Written by Rachael Stiles

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‘Don’t forget your travel insurance’ Fairinvestment.co.uk warns stags and hens revelling abroad

19 March 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
As the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) reports a rise in the amount of stag and hen parties taking place abroad, Fairinvestment.co.uk urges them to remember their travel insurance.

Renowned for their drunken debauchery, hen and stag parties are an essential part of any wedding plans. But, with increasing amounts of parties being held abroad it is important not to forget vital things like travel insurance.

Director of Fairinvestent.co.uk, James Caldwell, comments: “Many stag and hen parties abroad take place over a weekend – the Easter weekend is always popular because of the Bank Holidays – and when it is such a short period of time it is easy to think of travel insurance as unnecessary.

“However, the likelihood is that there will be an increased intake of alcohol involved is high, meaning the chance of accidents and illnesses is increased.”

Furthermore, it is not just accidents and illnesses that travel insurance covers, according to the FCO, lost passports and arrests are also common problems faced by British holidaymakers.

New statistics from Egg reveal that as many as one in five revellers will lose valuable items and, without travel insurance these items will not be replaced.

Mr. Caldwell continues: “To travel anywhere without travel insurance is a risky business, let alone on a hen or stag do. I strongly advice the best man or bridesmaid in charge to make insurance a priority, not only will baggage and valuables be covered but you will have peace of mind. Without insurance, medical costs can run into thousands.”

According to the FCO, it could cost up to £3,000 to be returned to the UK in an emergency from any of the most popular stag and hen destinations such as, Spain, The Netherlands or France. In the case of an accident, a broken leg can cost up to £7,500 in Europe, and hospital stays can also add up to thousands.

It is also important to guarantee travel insurance covers for particular purposes; it is pointless having insufficient insurance, Mr. Caldwell concludes: “The importance of adequate insurance is paramount; for example, if a stag do involves skiing, party members must be covered for winter sports, similarly, if there are any extreme sports involved you must make sure you are covered because if anything happens you could end up with bills of over £10,000.”

If you are organising a hen or stag do, be prepared. Fairinvestment.co.uk offers a free comparison tool which allows you to research and compare different types of travel insurance, depending on your specific requirements. For many stag and hen parties, single trip travel insurance will be sufficient but it is important to shop around for the best deals and cover.