There are a number of reasons why someone might need to insure a car for a day, but it is quite a specialist area of insurance. There are, however, many specialist companies willing to offer good deals on temporary car insurance quotes.

See below for temporary car insurance quotes from 1 to 28 days:

Temporary Car Insurance Deals
ProviderCover TermMinimum and Maximum AgeSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
1 - 28 days18 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover including motorhomes. Cover for Learner Drivers. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >
1 - 28 days19 - 75Instant Car and Van Cover. Cover for Learner Drivers. Cover for vehicle hire and test drives. Insure someone else on your car. Insurance documents immediately issued.Get Quotes >

Needing to insure a car for a day is not as unusual as it sounds.

It could be that a person has just bought a new car but hasn’t found a policy to suit their needs, but still needs to get their new car home. A person may have to rent a car for a day to attend a business meeting or to get to a holiday destination.

One of the main reasons why people insure a car for a day despite the fact it is already covered by a long term policy, has to do with their no claims bonus. If a person were to add another driver to a car insurance policy halfway into its lifespan this could negatively affect their bonus, but taking out a temporary one day policy will not.

Drivers with a valid license will be able to insure a car for a day for a good price, although some age restrictions may apply. Some companies offering temporary car insurance quotes will also place restrictions on car with certain values.

Most insurers will allow flexibility in extending the cover by a number of other days if it is needed, but some will not so be careful not to catch yourself out.