It is an undisputable fact that female drivers in the UK are involved in less serious accidents less frequently and are convicted for fewer dangerous driving offences. This has the knock on effect of lowering ladies car insurance premiums.

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice is going to have profound changes on the UK car insurance industry. From 2012 insurance companies will not be allowed to compute premiums and offer differing car insurance quotes to men and women based on gender.

This will have the consequence of raising most ladies car insurance premiums and potentially costing female drivers under 25 around 25% more than what they pay now.

With these imminent changes in mind it has never been more important that those who are considering purchasing ladies car insurance take the time to shop around. By comparing car insurance quotes a person can find themselves a deal both suits their needs and their financial situation.

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  • FREE Courtesy Car
  • Handbag Cover up to £300
  • FREE 24 Hour Confidential Counselling
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  • Up to 65% No claims Discount
  • Optional drivers legal protection
  • Cover that matches your needs
  • Flexible cover options

Ladies car insurance policies can come with a range of extras including courtesy cars, free counselling and cover for the theft of handbags and other possessions from the insured vehicle.

Other providers offer large discounts and no claims bonuses which can help reduce costs in a big way. It is worth noting however, that these extras can drive up ladies car insurance premiums and end up costing more then they save.

There are several practical ways in which ladies car insurance premiums can be reduced. Purchasing the policy online can lead to further discounts due to the decreased cost to the insurance company while using a car less and paying more excess can reduce premium payments.

It can also be prudent to check whether you can get the same or better cover for your car for a lower price from other providers on a fairly regular basis. The car insurance comparison tables above are designed to help you do just that.


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