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Landlord building insurance is the most basic level of landlord’s cover normally available.

It provides cover for the physical structure of the building and any permanent fixtures; many policies will provide cover for damage caused to the roof and walls from fires and storms. However, each policy may be different, so you should check exactly what each one would provide cover for.

Landlord building insurance may also cover the cost of clearing the land and rebuilding the property if it was destroyed due to an insured event.

Suppose you have a buy to let mortgage; you may find that it is actually a requirement that you have at least this level of policy in place. Depending on whether you let; residential, commercial or mixed properties affect what kind of buildings insurance is available to you, you should also consider that some insurers will be unable to offer landlord insurance policies for certain building types.

When looking for landlord insurance policies, you may wish to see if you can get a combined policy that offers cover for the contents of the building as well if you let the property as fully or partly furnished. This type of cover will protect against accidental damage for the items of furniture and furnishings that you provide in a letting.

There are many providers of landlord building insurance so shopping around to compare the market and see what is available to you to try and find the policy that fits your specific requirements best is a good idea. Using the comparison tables above may help you compare the different quote providers. If you have multiple buy to lets you may find that taking out multi-building cover is more suitable than taking out policies for individual lets.

When looking at landlord insurance policies, you may see a range of features and optional extras available, including:

  • Landlord liability insurance – This cover can help cover the legal and compensation costs you may incur if a tenant or visitor enters litigation with you due to a reason such as a personal injury.
  • Alternative accommodation cover – If an insured event caused your property to be uninhabitable, having this cover included in your policy will cover the costs of providing your tenants with alternative accommodation.
  • Landlord Emergency cover – Some events require immediate attention, such as a break-in or a gas leak. Having a landlord emergency cover in place can help you get an approved tradesperson to the property to make it safe and secure. Some policies may even provide a 24-hour helpline you can give your tenants to call in the event
FREE & no obligation – Quick online quotes

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