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Compare Landlord Insurance Comparison Sites

There is a range of different types of landlord insurance available from various providers, and many mortgage lenders make it a requirement that landlords who have to buy to let mortgages with them take out at least a basic level of landlord insurance. You might be looking for landlord insurance comparison sites to see what’s available to you. You can use the comparison table below to compare a selection of links where you can get quotes for different kinds of landlord insurance.

Using a landlord insurance comparison site will allow you to look at quotes from different providers to see if you can find a plan suitable for your circumstances, as some insurers may not be able to provide tenancies for certain types of building or tenancy types.

There are a lot of quotes on the market, so being able to access some of the latest deals together on a landlord insurance comparison site could save you time and money. Before you apply, however, you should think about the type of cover you need and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need buildings and contents covered?
  • What are the estimated value of the property and its contents?

When trying to get a quote online, you will need to fill in an e-form about your lettings, so you may need to have some of the following information to hand:

  • The address of the property, or addresses if looking for a multi-property policy
  • The property type, e.g. terraced house, semi-detached, block of flats
  • Type of let, e.g. professional or asylum
  • The year the property was built
  • Whether the property is residential, commercial or mixed

When looking for a policy, you should find a level of cover that you are comfortable with; it may be worth increasing your premium to include optional extras to have a more comprehensive level of cover. When you compare different policies, you may find that different plans have different features as standard or optional extras.

Cover that you may see featured as standard with a policy or as an optional extras include:

  • Liability cover – this policy type could help pay your legal costs and compensation to a claimant if a tenant or visitor made a legal claim against you for a reason such as personal injury
  • Emergency cover – If there’s a gas leak or burst pipe, this type of insurance can help you get a skilled tradesperson to the property to make the property safe and secure around the clock. Some policies will give you an emergency helpline your tenants can call if such an event arises.
  • Alternative housing cover – if an insured event rendered the property uninhabitable for a period, this policy would pay for alternative housing for your tenants.
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