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Landlord Insurance for Multiple Properties

If you are a landlord who lets out more than one property, you may be wondering if it is possible to insure all of your properties under one policy, landlord insurance for multiple properties is available.

See below to compare a range of links that will provide you with quotes on different kinds of landlord insurance to help you try and find the best plan available for your circumstances.

Multiple property policies may feature:

  • A discount if you take out insurance for more than one property on the same policy.
  • Flexibility in your policy so that you can add and remove houses from your policy if you need to.
  • The convenience of having all of your properties on one policy.
  • One insurance renewal date for all of your properties.
  • Some policies may let you insure both commercial lettings, such as shops and offices, with residential ones such as houses and flats under the same policy.

What is covered in multiple building landlord insurance policies will vary by provider. You may have the option of tailoring your policy with optional extras to get a level cover that fits your specific needs.

Features and optional extras may include:

  • Landlord Buildings Insurance – Buildings cover is the most basic kind of landlord insurance; it provides cover for the building’s physical structures and permanent fixtures; it should also cover the cost of clearing the land and rebuilding the property an insured event destroyed it.
  • Landlord Contents Insurance – if you rent any of your properties as furnished, you may want to consider contents insurance; exactly what items are insured may vary by policy, but they commonly include furniture, appliances and white goods. Contents insurance only covers the items you provide and not any of your tenant’s possessions.
  • Emergency Cover – some events like gas leaks or break-ins are emergencies that need a quick response to make the property safe and secure again; the emergency cover can help a landlord get a skilled tradesperson to the property. Some policies will provide your tenants with an emergency contact number that is operated 24/7 and would be able to send someone out on your behalf.
  • Rent cover – If an event you were insured for occurred and meant you could not rent out the property while repairs were taking place, having rent cover in place could reimburse you for the loss of rental income you incur.
  • Landlord liability cover – if one of your tenants was to make a personal injury claim, this insurance could help cover your legal costs and the potential compensation award to the claimant if you were found to be at fault.
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