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Landlord Insurance for Scotland

Scotland is full of desirable locations, so it is no wonder why people choose to live there. If you are thinking about becoming a landlord in Scotland, you will need to research the rental laws as they are different from England and Wales.

Wherever in Scotland you are thinking of renting property. Having an appropriate level of landlord insurance in place is a good idea to see below what might be available to you; you can use the table for a selection of companies that will be able to provide you with quotes.

Landlord Insurance for Scotland

All private landlords in Scotland are legally required to register with their local authority. This is so you can be checked to make sure you are competent enough to perform the role legally and professionally.

Instead of being ‘subject to contract,’ an offer for a rental property is put into writing once it has been seriously considered. The prospective tenant has agreed to rent at a certain price by submitting this offer. The contract between the landlord and the tenant specifically stipulates that the asking price will not alter or become ‘subject to change.’

One benefit of this law is that it avoids any opportunity for the landlord to change the asking price or accept a higher or lower offer from someone else. However, it can be fairly time-consuming. Although we have highlighted a few differences, you should also look into the Scottish rental law yourself for peace of mind.

Landlord insurance for Scotland, however, is not that different from England and Wales. As elsewhere in the United Kingdom, it is a common proviso for mortgage lenders to require landlords who have buy to let mortgages with them to take out an appropriate level of landlord insurance on the property.

There is a diverse range of options for landlord insurance, meaning you should be able to tailor your cover to your specific requirements by comparing the different features and optional extras of different plans.

Features and optional extras you may wish to consider include:

Buildings cover

Specialist landlord buildings insurance is a requirement of many buy to let mortgages. It will provide cover for your property’s physical structure, such as the walls and roof and the permanent fixtures.

Contents cover

If you let property as fully or partially furnished, this type of insurance will protect those items you provide. Although what you are protected against will vary by the insurer, it may include; accidental damage, theft, and malicious damage.

Landlord liability cover

If a tenant or visitor sustained an injury and made a personal injury claim, this cover could help pay for your legal costs. If you were liable, it could pay compensation to the claimant and cover their legal costs.

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