Liability Insurance For Charity

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There are a number of specialist insurance companies that will offer quotes on liability insurance to a charity, indeed, some form of liability cover is considered essential for charities and other similar aid organisations.

For a charity, liability insurance can provide the protection that insures that the money denoted or raised goes to helping people around the world. Some of the liability related situations which could damage a charity are:

  • An employee of the charity is sued for negligence after unintentionally providing false information
  • A member of the public suffers an injury at a fundraising event

Both of these circumstances will provide very real grounds for the employee to sue their charity for a compensation claim, which could if successful be hugely costly to the employer. For the charity, liability insurance will cover the cost of legal fees or compensation should the claimant be successful.

Will public liability insurance, the cost any legal fees or compensation would instead be met by the insurer, practically making it a necessity for many charities and similar organisations.You can begin to get liability insurance quotes now by clicking on the links on this page.

Charity Public Liability Insurance
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