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If you are thinking about taking out a life insurance policy it is important to note that many companies operate life insurance exclusions or award certain people with higher premiums. It is not only certain types of people who could face life insurance exclusions, but also certain types of situations contained in the small print, so it is always worth reading the small print before signing up to a life policy. People who constitute a high risk to the insurance company, and will therefore face higher premiums or even life insurance exclusions, are:

  • People, such as those in the armed forces or oil extraction industry, who have dangerous jobs
  • Those who enjoy potentially hazardous pastimes like motor car racing
  • Those with long term health problems
  • People who have made certain lifestyle choices such as smoking
  • People over a certain age threshold

It is more likely that the above people will face life insurance exclusions. Other exclusions found in the policy wording will vary from one Insurer to the next but typicall exclusions might be:

  • Drug use or alcoholism as a cause of death
  • That death resulted from suicide or a wound that was self inflicted
  • Gross negligence or an action that would be counted as knowingly reckless caused the death

It is important to read the small print when comparing life insurance quotes to make sure the policy is suited to your individual situation.

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