Life Insurance for Doctors

How would your loved ones cope financially if you were to die unexpectedly? Not a question any of us wants to think about but the consequences of leaving no financial provision in the event of unforeseen death can be unthinkable. Life insurance can be a low cost way of providing financial peace of mind for a relatively small premium which can be paid to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Policies can be placed in trust to avoid any issues regarding inheritance tax.


As a time stretched doctor you may not have time to search the market for a low cost deal on life insurance so using our service may make things easier. Our life insurance service can help you get the right cover at the right price.  

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There are several different ways that life insurance can be used:

  • The family or remaining dependants can receive either a one-off payment upon the event of death or they can receive monthly or annual instalments (family income benefit)
  • Life insurance can be written in trust to avoid any IHT duties 
  • Decreasing term assurance can be used to cover a decreasing financial liability e.g. a mortgage. This type of cover is generally cheaper than level term assurance. 

For quotes or information on your life insurance options please complete our quote enquiry form.