Life Insurance for Gay People

In the past, some people believed that life insurance for gay people had been calculated on unfair and unequal grounds. In September 2005, the insurance industry dramatically changed the way they approached the risks considered to be associated with gay people, especially men. There are many UK insurers that offer competitive life insurance for gay people. If you are a gay person looking for a tailored life insurance quote, then you should take the time to search a number of different companies.  Use our life insurance service to get quotes from the UK market taking into account your lifestyle.

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The Association of British insurers formed new guidelines that:

  • Prevent companies from making a decision about an insurance application that was totally based on someone’s sexuality.
  • They also eliminated the right to request an automatic HIV test and discriminating questions.
  • Instead, anybody who decides to fill out an application for life insurance will have to admit to any exposure they may have had to HIV. If you say yes, however, you may have to pay higher premiums for your life insurance.
  • Insurers are not allowed to ask you for any information about previous sexually transmitted diseases that do not have long term health implications.

Many companies will ask single men to take part in HIV tests without questioning their sexuality. This is because single men are considered to be the main group who are at risk from contracting HIV/AIDS. If you feel that you have suffered from any unfair treatment, you should contact someone who could help you with acts of discrimination.