Life Insurance for Overweight People

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If you are overweight getting life insurance may not be a problem but as with all things it will depend on the degree to which you are overweight. If you have been diagnosed as clinically obese insurance providers will see this as potentially leading to serious health problems. Because of this risk, companies charge higher premiums for those who are considered overweight.
Being overweight is said to increase your chances of:

  • Developing diabetes
  • Developing heart problems
  • Having problems with your breathing
  • Strokes
  • High bloody pressure
  • Certain types of cancer

When you complete you life insurance application you will be asked questions regarding your height, weight as well as lifestyle questions. Based on the information you give the insurance company will underwrite your case and will either offer you standard terms or if they belive you to be a higher risk because of your weight then this will be factored into a higher premium. In certain circumstances the insurer may decline to offer terms.

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In order to calculate your height to weight ratio and determine if you are overweight, a Body Mass Index (BMI) is used. This can sometimes be misleading if a person is very muscular so many insurance companies ask for dress size or waist size. You doctor may be able to help you join a fitness or weight loss programme, which may increase your chances of being accepted for life insurance if you are declined terms.