Life Insurance for People with Hepatitis B or C

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Life insurance for people with hepatitis B or C may not be set at a standard premium rate and there will be many factors that an insurance company will consider before accepting your case. Using a life insurance broker will potentially save you time and money as it is their job to search the market to find cover that suits your circumstances. A broker acts as a middle man between the insurers and the customer and helps you to find the most suitable life insurance quote and if you have a pre existing medical condition such as hepititis then it often can make a difference to get an expert to do the shopping around.


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When an insurance provider looks at your application form, they will consider:

  • Your medical history. This includes things such as how hepatitis b or c affects you daily life, how severe it is and what condition your liver is in.
  • You medical record may be questioned in order to determine whether your health has decreased since your diagnosis of hep B or C.
  • If you are receiving treatment or if you have had any operations/medical service.
  • Your family history will be able to show if anyone else in your family has hepatitis b or c.

Remember that any non disclosure of information about your hepatitis on a life insurance application form may result in a termination of your insurance policy and your money may be non-refundable.

Some insurance companies may be wary about offering life insurance to people with hepatitis; remember to always read the small print and find the best coverage for you.