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There are many reasons why an application for life insurance could be refused. When assessing your application for life cover an insurer will evaluate your case taking into account your medical history, occupation, sporting and hobby activities. If the insurer percieves you to be a higher risk they may decide to offer cover on "rated" terms where premiums are higher or they may decide to refuse cover altogether.

Here are some key points you could take into consideration when applying for life insurance:

  • Life insurance can be refused on medical grounds - Your medical history may count against you when applying for life cover. The insurer may see you as a higher risk due to your health or pre existing conditions. This can be a subjective area where different insurance companies apply different criteria to different conditions so if you have been refused life cover by one insurer there still may be other insurers who will be prepared to offer terms.  In getting cover you may be required to undergo a medical examination by the insurers nominated doctor.
  • Life insurance can be refused on occupation grounds - this is rare but some occupations are inherantly dangerous. If you have been refused cover because of your occupation again it is a case of shopping around for an insurer who will offer terms.
  • Life insurance refused on other grounds - If you partake in "extreme" sports or hobbies some insurers will not be prepared to offer insurance. There are specialist insurers who provide cover for many extreme sport activities.

If you have been refused cover for life insurance use our quote enquiry form and our life insurance partner will do their best to help you.

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