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1.54%Reverts to 3.99% after 2 years

Overall Cost for Comparison 3.80% APRC. This is the cost of the mortgage over the full term. Early redemption charges may apply.

A lifetime offset mortgage may be particularly useful for customers who wish to offset the cost of their interest or mortgage on a long term basis. For customers who may be searching for a suitable offset mortgage, it is always useful to research the market for mortgage comparisons wherever possible.

Although offsetting the cost of interest rates may be highly beneficial using a lifetime offset mortgage, it is important to remember that they are not without their drawbacks.

 While the savings used are still accessible, they will not earn interest. Starting interest rates on these mortgages are often significantly higher compared to other types of mortgage.

If you are searching for a suitable lifetime tracker mortgage, you may wish to consult our mortgage comparisons table.

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Income = £95,000
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Borrow = £160,000
Your loan to value (LTV) = 51%
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Before choosing a lifetime offset mortgage, it is also important for customers to decide exactly what type of mortgage repayment plan will be best suited to their needs. The following is brief explanation of each:

Repayment Mortgage
Often favoured by customers due to their simplicity, repayment mortgages are gradually paid off during the course of the mortgage, until the borrower has fully paid off their debt.

Using this type of agreement, customers pay off a portion of the loan every month, with interest included on top, until the debt has been fully repaid. The advantage of this type of offset mortgage is that customers are almost always guaranteed to own the property outright once their repayments have finished.

Interest Only Mortgages
Using an interest only, lifetime offset mortgage, customers will initially only be expected to repay the interest on their loan, making monthly payments that much easier.

However, it should be remembered that customers will also be expected to put money into a suitable investment vehicle that will be used to repay the borrowed amount in full once the mortgage period has ended.

The table above should make it easier for you to compare the important aspects of different offset mortgage deals.


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