Sainsbury’s Bank Loans Rates Cut

19 July 2005

Sainsbury’s Bank has announced that from July 19th 2005 it will offer a loans sale for in-store applications of £5,000 or more from 6.9 per cent APR to 6.5 per cent APR typical.

The offer, which will run throughout the summer, follows the earlier announcement that all internet applications for similar loans will also be offered at 6.5 per cent APR typical.

Sainsbury’s Bank customers can also choose to make no repayments for the first three months, receive a decision in minutes and have their cheque delivered to their door within 24 hours, according to the lender. Loans can be applied for online, over the telephone and by picking up a leaflet in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a range of financial products including, car insurance, life, home and travel insurance, personal loans, visa credit cards and car purchase schemes, savings accounts and a Child Trust Fund.

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Written by Editorial Team