UCB Home Loans Launches New Fixed Rates

25 July 2005

UCB Home loans announced today the launch of new two- and three-year fixed rates on its self-certification mortgage range.

The goal was to provide purchasers and remortgagers with some of the most competitive offers on the market.

Starting July 25 two-year fixed rate offers run at 5.09% and 5.19% depending on whether or not the customer wants the remortgage offer.

A three-year fixed rate runs at 5.29% with a remortgage offer.

The remortgage offer gives customers the potential to save up to £805 on savings fees depending on the purchase price.

Arrangement fees on self-certification mortgages have remained the same, making them even more attractive in a climate where many lenders are loading their arrangement fees in order to counterbalance lower headline rates.

Keith Astill, managing director at UCB Home Loans, said: “The addition of a two-year remortgage-only product also gives customers the choice between a product with no valuation or reservation fee but a slightly higher headline rate, or a lower rate with no free fees.”

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Written by Editorial Team