Loan News Young Casanovas Spending More On Beauty Products

19 April 2005

Men may feel they’ve got off lightly over the years in the pressure to look good, but a new survey from Loaded reveals that single young men are spending increasing amounts on beauty products to enhance their appeal to the opposite sex.

Single men spend almost twice as much money on their personal appearance as men in relationships, the survey by men’s magazine Loaded reveals, with male singletons shelling out £144 a year on beauty products, £60 more than attached men.

Their motivation is clear, the magazine suggests: 65 per cent of the single men interviewed said their main intention was to impress the fairer sex.

More than a third (40 per cent) added that they felt under pressure from women to look their best.

“From Regency dandys, to mods, to the young men of today, all our sartorial and grooming habits are intended to make us more attractive to women,” said Loaded editor Martin Daubney.

The 4,000 men aged between 18 and 24 interviewed could benefit from personal loans to accommodate their increasing spend on grooming products.

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Written by Editorial Team