Low-cost AA local breakdown insurance for local-only drivers… that’s never advertised

What are the most infuriating thing about paying for breakdown insurance? Paying for cover you never use, year after year. And finding, when you do ring up for help, that you’re not covered for the assistance you need.

Many of the cheapest breakdown policies have a get-out clause that means you’re not covered if you need help close to home.

So you wake up in the morning and the car won’t start – and your breakdown insurer won’t help.

But the AA has a policy that’s never advertised and is available only to existing members, which covers drivers just within a 20 mile radius of their home, including the property listed.

It’s perfect for older drivers, whose families may be close by and who are making use of bus and railcard concessions. They’re just not travelling great distances every year, and they don’t need long-distance cover.

What are the savings?

The Local Driver policy costs just £45 a year (or £3.75 a month). Which is less than half the cost of the AA’s standard annual breakdown cover of £99.

There are two options: person cover which gives you breakdown support regardless of whether you’re in your own vehicle or someone else’s. Or vehicle cover which covers a specific vehicle, regardless of who’s driving it.

The AA says: “The cover tends to be favoured by  those who don’t want to stop driving entirely, but no longer wish to drive longer distances. It helps them to stay mobile and keep their indepence.”

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Written by Editorial Team ,
26th May 2018