Mobile Homes Insurance

The fundamentals of mobile home insurance are not any different from any ‘standard’ home insurance policy. The two main concerns are still with protecting the policy holder against having to shoulder the burden of paying for damage to the structure of the home or the damage or theft of its contents.

The main difference here will come from the insurance provider’s judgement of the risk involved in offering a particular mobile home insurance policy. There are specialist insurers who can provide great deals and home insurance quotes to the owners of mobile homes. Get quotes below.


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Risk management strategies

There are a number of things that a person can do in order to reduce the perception of risk on the part of insurance companies and therefore reduce the cost of their mobile homes insurance premiums:

  • Making sure that the mobile home is fitted with strong locks
  • Fitting the property with a modern security system and fire alarms
  • Ensuring that there are regular maintenance checks of the property

There are also things you can do that might get you a better deal on your mobile home insurance:

  • Shop around for home insurance quotes, with price comparison sites being a good place to start.
  • Increasing the excess you agree to pay can reduce premiums.
  • Combing building and contents cover will usually mean a discounted price.
  • Make sure that you give an accurate indication of the value of your property and its contents, so that you are not overcharged or inadequately covered.
  • Are there any online or no claims discounts available?

Compare mobile homes insurance quotes and you are sure to find the right cover for you at a competitive price.