Mobile Phone Handsets

Mobile phone handsets are usually offered as part of a monthly tariff contract for free, whereas pay as you go contracts will require the customer to purchase the handset for an additional charge.  Each make and model of mobile phone handsets have their own particular characteristics and benefits that make choosing a handset an important part of getting a mobile contract.

Matters to consider when looking at mobile phone handsets:

  • Size and ergonomics – whether the handset is light, easily stored and easily handled.
  • Aesthetics – the colours and shapes available.
  • Contracts on offer – whether the phone can be acquired with the right type of contract for your needs.
  • Additional features – the additional utilities such as camera phones, GPS, Wi-Fi and other peripherals.

Compare mobile phone handsets and contracts using our free online comparison service, and follow the links on this page to find a wealth of reviews and guides.