Mortgage News 19 Per Cent More Women Own Homes Despite Earning 25 Per Cent Less Than Men 2523

19% more women own homes, despite earning 25% less than men

18 November 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
• 19 per cent more women own their homes than men

• Women still earn less than men – 25% less

• 14 per cent more men are renting than women

A recent survey of more than 2,000 Brits has found that 44 per cent of women questioned are homeowners paying a mortgage, compared with just 37 per cent of men.

This means that 19 per cent more women are homeowners than men, despite the fact that the survey revealed the average female salary to be 25 per cent less* than the average man’s wage.

Commenting on the results, chartered financial planner at, Sharon Bratley said: “The news is surprising in more than one way. Firstly, our survey showed that women are earning 25 per cent less than men, compared to the Office of National Statistics figure of 17 per cent, which is interesting, especially given the fact that women are taking on more managerial roles.

“Secondly, it is interesting that more women than men have a mortgage, especially considering they are earning significantly less. But the fact that women are buying their own homes reflects the fact that more women are choosing to have a career which enables them to buy a home.

“The figures could also suggest that women are better with the cash that they do have than men, considering they have less but still manage to buy a house which involves saving for a deposit which means shopping around for a decent savings account.”

The survey also found that there are 14 per cent more men renting their homes than women. Mrs Bratley added, “The fact that more men are renting could mean that they are waiting for the price of houses to fall further as they are predicted to before buying.

“Or it could just be that men are slower to save and not as keen as women to get their foot on the property ladder and gain the independence that comes with it.”

*The survey conducted by OnePoll for with 2,511 respondents found the average female salary to be £16,339 compared to the average male salary of £21,767

Written by Editorial Team