Mortgage News Abbey And Lloyds TSB Vow To Pass On Full 1 Point Five Per Cent Interest Rate Cut But Will It Be Enough 2473

Abbey and Lloyds TSB vow to pass on full 1.5% interest rate cut, but will it be enough?

07 November 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
Abbey and Lloyds TSB have become the first UK mortgage lenders to pledge that the full rate cut of 1.5 per cent will be passed on to their mortgage customers.

In a statement this morning, Abbey announced: “Further to the Bank of England’s decision to cut base rate by 1.5 per cent, Abbey is passing on the full rate cut to all its existing customers on variable rate mortgages.

“This includes customers on SVR tracker rate mortgages and flexible offset deals. These customers will see their rates cut, as usual, from the start of December.”

The Abbey mortgage standard variable rate will fall from 6.94 per cent to 5.44 per cent and Lloyds TSB’s C & G mortgages will fall by 1.5 per cent.

Commenting on the Lloyds TSB announcement, mortgage expert at, Darren Cook, said: “I am sure that most mortgage lenders were bargaining on no more than a 0.50 per cent cut in base rate.

“More announcements will be on hold to enable additional number crunching to take place to see if they can afford to cut rates. With interbank lending still high, but falling steadily, I will be surprised if many lenders choose to pass on the full benefit.”

Written by Editorial Team