Mortgage Repayment Insurance

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Have you ever thought about how you would keep up with your mortgage repayments in the eventuality that you were unable to work due to an accident, debilitating illness or involuntary unemployment?

A mortgage repayment insurance policy is designed to help to pay your mortgage repayments in such circumstances as these.  With mortgage repayment insurance, you could receive regular monthly payments for up to a year should you be unable to work due to unexpected illness or redundancy.

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ProviderType of InsuranceMaximum CoverSpecial FeaturesGet Quotes
Short Term Mortgage InsuranceUp to £2,000 per month or 65% of Gross Salary (whichever is lower)Price Beat Guarantee - Widest Cover - Online QuotesGet Quotes >
  • Price Beat Guarantee
  • New Mortgage or Re-mortgage
  • Benefit Period - 12 months
  • Maximum Benefit - £2,000 or 65% of gross salary (whichever is lower)
  • Bonus & Commission taken into account
  • No Initial Exclusion Period
  • FREE Cover - 3 Months 
  • Back to work support
  • No discrimination on age, postcode or being a smoker
  • Agency workers covered
  • Must be in full time work living in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and aged 18 or over
  • Must have been continuously employed for at least 6 months prior to policy start date
  • Must not be aware of any impending unemployment or aware of any circumstances that might lead to becoming a carer
  • Must not be subject to any on-going enquiry or disciplinary from an employer
  • Must not be convicted of any criminal offence
  • Must not be off work due to ill health 

To qualify for a mortgage repayment insurance quote, you will generally need to satisfy the following:

  • You will be a UK resident aged between 18 and 64 and in permanent, paid employment for a minimum of 16 hours per week
  • You will be paying off a mortgage for a property that is your main residence and be up to date with your repayments
  • You are unaware of any reason, such as long-term illness or impending redundancy, which may mean that you will make a claim under your policy.

Mortgage repayment insurance tends to work in the following way:


  • If you were to become unable to work due to illness or an accident, or be subject to involuntary unemployment, you could claim on your policy (depending on the level of your cover).
  • You would then receive a monthly tax-free sum to help you with your mortgage repayments, following a qualification period that you would normally have opted for when applying for a quote.
  • You could normally continue to receive payments from your policy for up to twelve months as you require.
  • Each mortgage repayment insurance policy is subject to a number of exclusions, so it would be a good idea to make yourself aware of these.


Case Study

Mr Stevens, 53, is a postman from Worcester.  Last year, he tore a ligament whilst playing cricket and was therefore unable to work for several months.

Fortunately, he was covered by his mortgage repayment insurance and, after receiving his monthly tax-free payments from his policy, was able to keep up with his mortgage repayments before returning to work upon his recovery.