Motorbike Insurance For A Week

Compare Motorbike Insurance for a week

 If you need to rent a motorbike for a week or so - for a one-off trip, or when borrowing a bike from a friend - there are a number of specialist insurance providers that will offer short-term policies to cover you for a week at a time. This means that you can avoid paying out for a long-term insurance policy that you don't require, or having to deal with the hassle of adding people to an existing insurance policy. The costs you'll be quoted for motorbike insurance for a week are likely to be affected by the following:


  • The size and power of the bike
  • Whether you have any points on your licence or previous insurance claims made against you
  • How securely the motorbike is stored
  • Whether or not you have any passed any accredited advanced riding qualifications
  • The amount of excess that you are prepared to pay in the event of making a claim


As well as this, it is also important to decide what level of cover will be required when searching for motorbike insurance for a week-long period. Some customers, for example, may only require third party cover, whilst others may require fully comprehensive insurance, depending on their circumstances. See the motorbike insurance comparisons table below for more information on offers from providers:

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