Motorbike Insurance For An Imported Bike

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In recent years it's become increasingly popular for motorcycle enthusiasts in the UK to purchase imported bikes, as they can often provide a cost-effective option. However, the value-for-money benefits of owning an imported bike are often overshadowed by the potential for escalating insurance costs – it can be more difficult to purchase motorbike insurance for an imported bike. If you are looking for an insurance quote for an imported motorcycle, you'll need to choose between two types of cover, depending on the bike you're buying:


  • Grey import motorbike insurance - if the motorbike has been previously used.
  • Personal import motorbike insurance - if the motorbike is brand new and has not yet been registered.


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Things that tend to affect the price of motorbike insurance for an imported bike are:


  • How powerful your bike is – generally, bikes with larger engines cost more to insure.
  • Whether you have points on your licence or have had previous insurance claims brought against you – both of these can cause insurance prices to rise.
  • How securely your bike is stored - the more secure your bike is, the cheaper your premiums are likely to be.
  • Whether or not you have passed an accredited training course – these can reduce premiums significantly.


You should take the time to research and compare as many imported motorbike insurance policies as much as possible before making a decision. To help you do this, use the motorbike insurance comparisons table below: