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The excess on insurance for hire motorhome’s can be high, it may therefore be wise to take out motorhome excess insurance in advance, you can use the table below to compare a selection of providers and click the links to get quotes:

Motorhome excess insurance

Motorhome holidays have become increasingly popular, however if you rent a motorhome you could be liable to pay excess fees for any damage or theft to the vehicle, which sometimes can be considerably costly. As such different providers of motorhome hire may offer hire vehicle excess insurance, however this is not always the best deal available for this kind of insurance. You may be able to save money by buying motorhome excess insurance in advance from a standalone provider.


There are multiple providers of motorhome excess insurance so before you take out a policy it worth shopping around, like many types of insurance policies can vary by provider, and it may be worth spending a little bit extra on a policy if it means you have a level of cover that offers a more comprehensive level of protection, which you personally feel more comfortable with.


When looking for motorhome hire excess insurance you may want to check:

  • Level of cover: if a policy provides cover for damage to; tyres, wing mirrors, windows, undercarriage or the roof.


  • Rental key and misfueling cover: mishaps like putting the wrong kind of fuel in a vehicle or losing the keys may not be covered as standard by all providers


  • Duration: Some providers may place a minimum and maximum limit on the amount of days their cover will last for, so you should check to make sure your cover will last long enough.


  • Additional driver cover: Some policies may only provide cover for one individual others may allow multiple drivers to use the vehicle and still benefit from the insurance.


  • Driver age: Insurers may place a limit on both the minimum and maximum age drivers of the vehicle can be to still be provided with cover.


  • Driver country of residence: Some providers may not be able to offer cover to drivers using the vehicle if they do not belong to a particular country of residence, others can allow people from various countries to drive the vehicle and still be covered.


  • UK, European or worldwide cover: providers may restrict what countries the cover will be active in, so it is important to check that your cover works in all of the countries you will be travelling in.


  • The level of excess reduction – Policies may still set a minimum excess you have to pay in the event of a claim so it is worth checking how much you would be expected to pay if that is the case.


  • Vehicle restrictions – Insurers may place a limit on the maximum size or weight a vehicle can be to still be provided with cover. They may also place on a restriction the maximum age or value of the motorhome or campervan.


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