M&S; car insurance warns drivers to stay awake when the clocks go forward

28 March 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

Marks & Spencer’s car insurance is warning drivers to keep awake and alert after they lose an hour’s sleep when the clocks go forward tonight.

Whilst most people welcome British Summer Time, almost half of Brits admit that it takes its toll on their concentration for a few days.

After carrying out research which discovered that 42 per cent of Brits admit their concentration levels are reduced after losing sleep when the clocks move forward an hour, M&S car insurance is suggesting that people get an early night in order to counteract the time change.

The study also found that it takes a day or two for 49 per cent of the UK to get used to the clocks moving forward in the Spring, which could make for dangerous driving conditions on the way to work.

A sleepy five per cent of UK adults take a week or more to stop feeling the effects of losing that hour of sleep.

The study found that 16 per cent of people forgot to move their clocks forward last year and were therefore an hour late; 22 per cent said that they have been late at some time in the past due to forgetting to change the clocks.

But despite admitting to feeling tired when the clocks go forward, only 10 per cent said that they go to bed an hour earlier to avoid losing sleep.

David Wells, head of M&S Insurance, said: “It certainly helps to be prepared for the clocks going forward, but few of us are organised enough, or feel tired enough to go to bed earlier than usual. Our concern is the impact of losing an hour’s sleep on concentration, particularly on drivers.

“Being tired and rushing around because you might be late for work or a social event is a dangerous combination when behind the wheel of a car. It could lead to drivers not paying attention to the road, or to other road users.”

For a stress-free start to BST, the car insurance provider suggests changing the clocks the night before to give body and mind time to adjust, trying to get to bed a bit earlier than usual, doing some exercise in the morning for an energetic start to the day, and paying extra care and attention when on the roads.

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