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 Multi-bike insurance can be useful for a motorbike enthusiast, collector ,or anyone who requires the use of different bikes on a regular basis. If you are already insured for one bike and are attempting to find appropriate cover for another bike, it's worth contacting your insurer to discuss the possibility of upgrading to a multi-bike policy. In many cases, the insurer will work on the assumption that only one bike will be in frequent use at any one time. Using this method, you may be able to have your main vehicle comprehensively insured for the cost of accidents or any type of damage, and other stored vehicles covered for the cost of fire or theft damage.

If you're searching for appropriate cover, look at the table below to compare some of the best multibike motorbike insurance quotes:

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Costs can vary a great deal depending on the level of inclusiveness you require on your mulit-bike policy. Additionally, there are several key factors that affect the cost of premiums, such as:


  • The age and experience level of the driver
  • The number of bikes that need covering
  • The age, condition and type of motorbike 
  • How often the bike will be used

In order to save on the cost of multi-bike insurance, it's a good idea to shop around and compare different policies.