Learn more about NEST

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is the pension scheme, previously known as the personal accounts pension plan, which will enable auto-enrolment in pension saving for eligible employees. 


NEST will be available to savers by 2012 and is designed to encourage workers in the private sector to save for retirement by automatically enrolling them in a savings plan if their employer does not provide one already.


Launching in low volumes in 2011 NEST will be one of the schemes available for employers and is designed specifically to help lower earners make adequate pension contributions.


Employers can use NEST to meet new workplace pension duties whereby they are required to put eligible workers into a scheme and make minimum contributions to the scheme, starting from 2012.

NEST is also intended to:

  • Encourage saving for retirement among 11.7 million private sector workers in the UK.
  • Make saving for retirement easy and to put an end to poverty in old age.


Eligible employees will be automatically enrolled into the NEST scheme, but will be able to opt out.