Offshore Current Accounts

Compare offshore current accounts

With an offshore current account you can have a bank account in a location outside your country of residence. UK offshore current account providers are typically based in The Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. Typically a current account held offshore will offer you:

  • A secure home for your money
  • An easy way to manage international finances
  • Multicurrency (including Sterling, Euro and Dollar) accounts and investments

When selecting a home for your money offshore it is advisable to shop around for an account service that meets your needs. There are a variety of different offshore current accounts on offer offering varying levels of service and flexibility. If you are keeping £50,000 or more on account then you may qualify for additional benefits for example your own personal bank manager. See below for a selection of deals.

Offshore Current Accounts
ProviderAccountFeaturesMore Info
Choice of Euro, Sterling and US Dollar with a Visa debit card for each currency (monthly fee applies). Fee free international payments and transfers from overseas. 24/7 worldwide access to your money with Internet Banking and PhoneBankMore Info >
Accounts also available in Euros and US Dollars. You can even get accounts in 2 extra currencies for no additional charge.More Info >