Optimum Prepaid MasterCard

Compare the Optimum Prepaid MasterCard with other pay as you go credit cards

The Optimum Prepaid MasterCard is a payment card you can load with money – it’s free and can easily be done from your bank account, by wage transfers, with cash, credit or debit cards. With an Optimum Prepaid MasterCard you can only spend the money you put on the card, so you will never go overdrawn and stay in complete control of your spending. Additional benefits of the Optimum Prepaid MasterCard include:

  • Free top-ups
  • Online account management
  • FREE money transfers
  • Extra cards for family and friends

Compare the Optimum Prepaid Mastercard with other leading prepaid credit card deals uisng the table below:

Type of Card
Pre-Paid MasterCard
Adverse Credit

No credit checks – open to everyone with guaranteed acceptance. Help manage your money. Account comprises of a Billing Account for money in and to pay your bills from, plus the a Debit Mastercard® for your every day spending


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