Other Insurance

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance pays out if you suddenly lose your income – you can choose from monthly instalments or one-off payments for particular conditions. Would you be able to pay the bills if you were suddenly unable to work as a result of an accident? Compare accident insurance quotes and find the right cover to protect you.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can provide the peace of mind that you will be able to make ends meet while you recover from a short-term disability. Employers will often not continue to provide sick-pay for a prolonged absence, so compare deals and find the best policy for your requirements.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance aims to protect you against the loss, theft, accidental damage, or account abuse of your phone. Cover is available from phone companies and a range of other insurance providers. Compare cover and quotes to get a policy that meets your own needs.

Musical Instrument Insurance

Musical instrument insurance cannot replace an item of sentimental value, but it can protect musicians – both amateur and professional – from the financial loss if their instrument is lost, damaged, or stolen, especially if you use it to earn a living. Get quotes to find the best cover for you and your musical instrument.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance can help your wedding to go off without a hitch – it provides cover for damage to the dresses, photographs, cancellation of the venues, and alternative services, wedding presents and financial failure of your suppliers, and more. Get a quote to protect your big day.