Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

Pay As You Go Mobile Phones are a good option if you need to keep close tabs on your mobile phone bill, or you don’t use your phone enough to justify playing a monthly tariff.

With a Pay As You Go deal, you need to purchase a phone and then top it up with credit as and when you need it. Some mobile phone providers now have a minimum top up requirement – i.e. £10 a month – but many still have a very flexible service where the customer may top up as little or as much as they wish.

There are disadvantages to Pay As You Go Mobile Phones – the call charges and text message costs are usually higher than on a tariff, and you could get caught if you run out of credit, but luckily, due to the popularity of Pay As You Go Mobile Phones, there are plenty of ways in which you can buy mobile phone credit, including:

  • Cashpoints
  • Checkouts
  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • Shops
  • Direct Debit

So if you want to avoid being tied into a long term contract, or simply feel you need to keep a tighter grip on your own or your child's call costs, a Pay As You Go deal cold be the right one for you.