Advice about your Pension Income

Pension income advice can be essential as you approach retirement. There are a myriad of options to consider when retiring and obtaining specialist pension income advice could make all the difference to your lifestyle during retirement. 


A specialist retirement adviser will be able to analyse all the pensions that you have built up over your working life and set out your options in a clear and concise way, taking into account your circumstances in retirement, your overall objectives, any other income that you may receive and your attitude to investment risk. 


By obtaining specialist pension income advice, you will potentially receive a higher pension income as your adviser will be able to look at your 'open market option' and obtain the most competitive annuity rates for you. Alternatively, deferring the purchase of your annuity may be a more appropriate alternative by taking an 'income drawdown' option.


Annuity Quotes & Advice

You can use our annuity service to make sure you're getting the highest annuity rates possible. In addition, by receiving pension income advice, your adviser will be able to look at structuring your pensions so as to provide the most beneficial death benefits for you and your family whilst minimising your liability to income tax and inheritance tax.

Annuity Quotes

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