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ABI study shows customer complaints poorly handled

28 February 2007
As many as 85 per cent of life insurance and pensions customers think their companies treat them fairly and are easy to do business with, a consumer impact survey from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has found.

The study, backed by major providers including AXA, Prudential and Standard Life, found that 58 per cent of customers agreed that the sales process of their provider was either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

But consumer satisfaction was more muted over call centres, with just 53 per cent of customers responding that their phone service was very good or excellent.

And when disagreements arose with their provider, customer dissatisfaction seemed to peak. Only 14 per cent of all customers were happy with the way the complaints they made were handled.

“Each company will review their own performance against the industry results, and where necessary take action to improve” on the basis of the report’s findings, ABI deputy director general Stephen Sklaroff vowed.

Meanwhile, an original online venture,, is helping customers make their complaints heard by registering their experience online.

The service then routes the complaint directly to the company, who, they hope, will be shamed into giving an adequate response.

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