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L&G; sees pension success

07 May 2004
New research shows Legal & General’s Pension Distribution Fund has performed consistently well.

Launched in 1995, it has remained in the top quartile over the past five years.

Speaking yesterday, Andy Agar, the head of retirement product development at Legal & General said he believed the fund to be relatively “attractive to today’s cautious pension investors”, who are “seeking to secure their future pension income” as it offers a “balance of investments across a range of asset classes.”

“Consumer confidence in the stock market has been damaged and so one of the major concerns for pension customers is a relatively safe haven for their pension funds,” said Mr Agar.

Since 1995 the Pension Distribution Fund has grown to over £90 million and has an average annual return of 7.4 per cent. It is based on a mix of investment holdings in equities, fixed interest securities and property.

Written by Editorial Team