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Media pension coverage ‘insufficient’

13 February 2008 / by None
Media coverage of state pension issues is not sufficient to convey information regarding imminent changes, an expert has said.

The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) has claimed that the state pension is not getting the media attention that it requires due to it being thought of as relatively uninteresting.

This comes in light of a helpline that TPAS has launched that aims to educate women on state pension changes, as it is thought it will affect them more than their male counterparts.

Commenting on the helpline, Des Hamilton, technical director of TPAS, said: “Our aim was to try and get some publicity for that particular issue and for the changes in general. The other big thing that affects women from 2010 is that the retirement age is increasing. By 2020 it will be up to 65, in line with men.”

He added that the media fail to give the subject enough coverage as it is not perceived as exciting while at the same time being very complex.

TPAS is an independent non-profit organisation that provides free information, advice and guidance on all pensions.

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