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MPs urged to “overhaul” pensions system

02 March 2004
Britain’s pensions system is in need of a “radical overhaul” according to the National Consumer Council (NCC).

The warning comes as MPs prepare to debate proposals in the Pensions Bill that aim to make final salary schemes more secure.

NCC chief executive, Ed Mayo, believes that while protection for final salary schemes is important, they represented only one part of the complex pensions jigsaw and that radical reform of the whole system is needed.

The NCC insisted that the Pensions Bills must trigger wholesale reform to ensure people save adequately for retirement.

“People whose earnings are low are less likely to have pensions savings that will top up their state pension when they retire,” Mr Mayo argued.

“What’s more, state means-tested top-ups don’t compensate for low pensions. Clearly, on its own, the Pensions Bill cannot solve the current pensions crisis.”

He concluded: “That’s why the Bill must mark the start of a radical overhaul of the entire UK pensions framework that will give everyone the security of an adequate basic state pension.”

Written by Editorial Team