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NAPF pilots pension help scheme

17 July 2006
The National Association of Pensions Funds (NAPF) has launched PensionsForce – a new service it is piloting in the West Midlands to help raise awareness of the need to save money for retirement.

According to recent figures, up to three-quarters of a million people currently at work in the region could face a bleak financial future as they are not saving enough to guarantee a decent retirement fund.

“There are a number of reasons why so many people aren’t saving enough, even when they could join a company pension scheme,” said NAPF policy director Joanne Segars.

“It may be because they think they are too young to start a pension or they simply don’t know how,” she continued. “Lack of information is deterring many workers from making crucial savings towards their retirement.”

PensionsForce could change this outlook, Ms Segars explained: “[It] is a free, independent service designed specifically to provide pension information in the workplace.”

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